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Qantas First Class Lounge in Singapore is Fantastic!

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Qantas operates several First Class lounges in different parts of the world. The one in Singapore is simple, yet elegant. Surely, it is not as extravagant as what Japan Airlines or Cathay Pacific have to offer, but, in my opinion, it beats the Qantas lounge in Sydney. Changi Airport in Singapore is known for world class service and Qantas First Class lounge definitely fits the elevated standards of the airport nicely. Note that the lounge is not open all the time, but it opens before Qantas flights. During my visit, the lounge opened at 14:00, plenty in time for my late Finnair flight to Helsinki.


Right as you get in, after the border control, you will see several signs pointing towards different lounges. Make sure to follow the kangaroo on a white background to reach the First Class lounge. You will need to take the escalators to the second floor, and once you do, the lounge is right there.

Qantas logo on a white background indicates where the Qantas First Class lounge is
This door is impossible to miss


The lounge area is like one narrow corridor. There is one section with nice seats for lounging and another section with dining tables. The lounge looks classy and the staff is all dressed up. There are showers in the lounge, but apart from that, there is nothing else in terms of amenities. Big screens were showing sports – a striking pub-like contrast to the otherwise exclusive and classy decor.

Dining area with a fancy decoration
Nicer seats with a TV showing sports

Fine dining

The à la carte menu is the main reason anyone might want to come to this lounge over the competing lounges at the 5 star airport. This is surely the best part of the Qantas First Class lounge! The food is extremely good – this is easily among the best kitchens in an airport lounge. Some of the dishes were a bit exotic to me and it didn’t help that the staff just laughed at me when I tried asking what they were.

À la carte menu
Drinks menu

At any rate, I am still uncertain what Nasi Lemak is and the lounge staff wasn’t helpful in that matter either. After I placed my order, it was time to raid the small buffet. The buffet is not much, but at least it exists.

The buffet is small

When the dishes started coming, I was overwhelmed by the taste. Especially their Torta di Verona was so good and the staff kept on feeding me more of it. 😋

The meat was so tender
These were filled with prawns
This dish was to die for!
The club sandwich was as good club sandwiches get
Torta di Verona – I ate 3 of these… Then I stopped counting

The bar

The lounge has a bar with bartenders that are eager to pour you a drink. You can either place an order in the counter or just ask for the waiters to bring you a drink.

The bar counter
Cocktail number one
Qantas First Class lounge mojitos were great!


Perhaps Qantas First Class lounge in Singapore is not among the best oneworld Emerald lounges globally, but it still is quite a solid experience. The food is nice, the drinks are great and they have so many waiters you don’t need to wait long to be served. This is the lounge I will be heading to next time as well when I am in Singapore.

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