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British Airways, First Class, Lounge, Oneworld

British Airways First Class lounge at terminal 5 London Heathrow – a balanced experience

I was a bit worried when I was browsing the oneworld lounge finder website. It seemed to me that British Airways wouldn’t have a First Class lounge for oneworld Emerald customers at all at LHR. Luckily, I was wrong as the British Airways Galleries South Lounge doubles as a First Class lounge as well. In this post I will describe my experience in detail.

First Class, Lounge, Oneworld, Qantas

Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney was an underwhelming experience

Qantas is an important airline in the oneworld alliance because it connects Australia with the rest of the world. They are also known for charging ludicrous prices for their flights; domestic flights in Australia are far more expensive than international flights in Europe. Today I will be reviewing the Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney and what it offers for travelers ready to put some serious dollars on their flights.


What is the easiest way to get Oneworld Sapphire – the definite answer

Oneworld Sapphire is the sweet spot for most frequent flyers because the status comes with all of the most important perks such as a free piece of luggage, priority boarding, lounge access, and even though not officially stated, most of the time priority security. However, there are so many different ways to reach this exclusive status that it is not clear which airline offers the easiest and fastest route to oneworld Sapphire. In this post, you will learn how to get oneworld Sapphire the easiest way possible.

This post is divided into two parts: status by the number of flights and status by points. If you fly frequently, but you fly short distances such as weekly domestic flights or weekly flights to a neighbouring country, you should definitely check out the first part on status by the number of flights. If, however, you fly long distances perhaps less frequently, take a look at the second part on getting oneworld Sapphire by points.

Lounge, Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines business class lounge in Kuala Lumpur satellite terminal – what a lovely stay

There’s no denying the importance Malaysia Airlines has in the region. It’s one of the world’s big airlines and a proud member of oneworld alliance. Malaysia Airlines hosts several lounges in Kuala Lumpur. Today, I am going to review the one located in the satellite terminal. This review is about the business class lounge, if you are interested in a more exclusive lounge, you may also want to read about their first class lounge. Let’s dig right into it!

Lounge, Lufthansa

Lufthansa business lounge in Munich terminal 2 (Schengen) is a solid experience

Lufthansa is known for its economic yet quality wise competitive business class in Europe. But how is their lounge in one of their main hubs in Munich? Lufthansa has several lounges in Munich, so to be clear, this review is based on the one located close to gate K11 in the satellite terminal 2. Even in that particular location, Lufthansa has two lounges: a business lounge and an exclusive lounge for senator members. This review is about the business lounge that you can access if you are traveling in business class or you are holding Star Alliance gold status.

Business Class, Lufthansa, Star Alliance

Lufthansa business class in Europe gives some bang for the buck

Lufthansa has probably the cheapest business class tickets in Europe. It’s not uncommon to see Lufthansa business class being sold for cheaper than Finnair economy. Lufthansa’s ultra discounted P fare class makes it possible to snag business class tickets for a good price on one of the leading airlines in Europe. There’s a catch, however. If you are collecting points for one of the Star Alliance programs, you might get considerably less points than when flying in economy class or worse yet, no points at all. This is understandable given that it is not uncommon to see P fare Lufthansa business class sold for cheaper than Lufthansa’s own economy class! 😯 The cheap price is one of the main reasons I am gladly recommending Lufthansa business class.