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Business Class, Lufthansa, Star Alliance

Lufthansa business class in Europe gives some bang for the buck

Lufthansa has probably the cheapest business class tickets in Europe. It’s not uncommon to see Lufthansa business class being sold for cheaper than Finnair economy. Lufthansa’s ultra discounted P fare class makes it possible to snag business class tickets for a good price on one of the leading airlines in Europe. There’s a catch, however. If you are collecting points for one of the Star Alliance programs, you might get considerably less points than when flying in economy class or worse yet, no points at all. This is understandable given that it is not uncommon to see P fare Lufthansa business class sold for cheaper than Lufthansa’s own economy class! 😯 The cheap price is one of the main reasons I am gladly recommending Lufthansa business class.


Should you go to Aspire lounge in Helsinki?

Now that SAS has temporarily closed their lounge in Helsinki, there isn’t much option left in Helsinki for non-oneworld Schengen flights to have a lounge in than the Aspire lounge. Currently skyteam airlines such as KLM and Air France, Star Alliance airlines such as Lufthansa, Aegean and Croatian airlines together with a bunch of other airlines use the Aspire lounge in Helsinki. Only if you are flying Iberia or Finnair, you will have another lounge option. So can this lounge live up to the expectations?

Business Class, Finnair, Oneworld

Is Finnair business class in Europe really that bad?

Finnair business class in Europe has a service concept I have never really understood. On one hand, Finnair likes to set their prices to premium level but on the other hand, they don’t want to give you any value for their money. The only value I see in Finnair business class in Europe is that you will get 32 kg per luggage instead of 23 kg you would get in economy. This means that a business class ticket or an upgrade can be a killer deal if you have to move a lot of stuff between countries. What makes it better is that if you buy an economy class ticket with a piece of luggage, you will get an extra one for free if you upgrade to business class. What is more, every single piece of extra luggage you buy can also be up to 32 kg each. Note that a business light fare does not even give you this perk


Extime lounge in Paris CDG – what a treat

Today I visited the Extime lounge located in terminal T2D in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. There are several lounges in the CDG airport in Paris but there is definitely not much to chose from given that the airport has several terminals that are far away from each other and you are basically stuck with the options in your current terminal. To make matters worse, terminal 3 has no lounges at all, and for example, Iberia does not have any lounges in CDG because of this. Although, Iberia does have one in Orly.

Finnair, Lounge, Oneworld

Finnair Non-Schengen Lounge – Is it something to look forward to?

Finnair has three lounges in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. One on the Schengen side and two on the international side: Finnair Business Lounge and Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge. Most of the travellers with a oneworld ticket will access the former lounge as the latter is reserved for first class passengers (something Finnair curiously doesn’t even have) and Oneworld Emerald members. In this post, I will be reviewing the Business Lounge that is open for most Oneworld business class passagers and Sapphire status holders. This is the lounge Finnair customers can access with Finnair Plus Gold status.

Aegean Airlines, Business Class, Star Alliance

Aegean business class – is it that much better than their economy?

Aegean sets rather high standards for economy class service in Europe, and after experiencing what they had to offer, I got curious about their business class. Aegean offers a business class bidding program where you can name your price and if nobody bids higher, you will get an upgrade for the price you named. I went with the lowest allowed bid of 70€ and got my upgrade. 😁

Aegean Airlines, Economy Class, Star Alliance

Aegean economy class – a pleasant surprise

I don’t usually fly non-Oneworld airlines because of my Finnair Plus status, but this time Finnair didn’t fly to Athens at all, so the only option was to fly a connecting flight with Aegean airlines. I didn’t know what to expect from an airline that doesn’t even have any long haul flights. The only thing I knew about it was that it was part of Star Alliance and, apparently, the easiest way to reach a Star Alliance gold level.