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Finnair, Lounge, Oneworld

Finnair Schengen lounge in Helsinki looks nice but lacks in taste

Helsinki airport is the hub for Finnair and a strategic route between Europe and Asia for many oneworld airlines. The lounge for European oneworld flights is Finnair Schengen lounge. In practice, if you fly Finnair or Iberia, this is your lounge to be. SkyTeam and Star Alliance customers should head to Aspire lounge instead. If you are flying outside of the Schengen region, head to the non-Schengen lounge instead.


Watch out for code-shared flights!

Code-sharing is an ideal way for airlines to extend their network even beyond their usual routes and it means faster transit times and cheaper flights for passengers. As an elite status member, you should be cautious whenever you see a code-shared flight, because it means that things are about to get tricky!


Are there oneworld status levels more exclusive than oneworld Emerald?

In the official oneworld status chart, there are three levels: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. However, some of the member airlines offer a status that is superior to the regular oneworld Emerald level. In this post, I will go through the most exclusive oneworld statuses for the member airlines that have an elite status beyond Emerald. Just a word of warning though, the perks beyond Emerald are airline specific and do not grant any extra perks on other airlines in the oneworld alliance.

First Class, Japan Airlines, Lounge, Oneworld

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge in Haneda is amazing

I visited Japan for the first time in a long time, and apart from having coffee with Pikachu, one of the things I looked most forward to was the Japan Airlines First Class lounge at Tokyo Haneda Airport. Japan Airlines is known for their great in-flight service, although their domestic lounges are a bit poor. How is their First Class lounge experience, then? It is probably the best oneworld Emerald lounge there is. 😍

Economy Class, Japan Airlines

How Great is Japan Airlines Domestic Economy Class?

Japan Airlines might not have the best lounges for domestic passengers, but Japan Airlines domestic economy class is a rock solid experience! JAL has possibly the friendliest staff out of all oneworld airlines and I must appreciate their can-do attitude. One time, I was flying with a big umbrella that looked like a katana and I was not allowed to take it on board with me. It was also too big to fit inside of my bag. And what did Japan Airlines ground crew do? They figured out a cardboard pipe around the umbrella and wrapped it tight against my check-in bag with plastic. And all this for free of charge even before I had any oneworld status! Way to go JAL! 🙆🏼‍♂️

Finnair, First Class, Lounge, Oneworld

Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge in Helsinki is one of the best Emerald lounges

For anyone wondering out there, yes there is a First Class lounge at Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland and that is called Finnair Platinum Wing. The lounge is open to oneworld Emerald members and Frist Class passengers. Curiously, Finnair does not have First Class in any of their planes, but I supposed this is to cater for the needs of Japan Airlines passengers. Perhaps for American Airlines passengers too if American ever decided to resume their flights to Helsinki (and brought their First Class back for that matter). This lounge is awesome, but you can only access it if you are not flying within the EU.


Pokémon Café Experience in Tokyo without a Reservation

I recently flew Finnair to Japan to do some tourism in the country. While this blog is mostly about airlines and lounges, I am such a Pokémon fan that I have to share my tips on getting to experience Pokémon Café in Tokyo even if you don’t have a reservation. Now, while the Pokémon Café close to Tokyo Station is reservation only, there is another one not too far away that you can just pop in to any time you want.