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Cathay Pacific, First Class, Lounge, Oneworld

Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class lounge is a heaven on Earth!

I am no stranger to Cathay Pacific as I had already enjoyed their superior premium economy class and LHR lounge, but I was yet to experience their truest First Class experience. Cathay Pacific hosts two amazing First Class lounges at Hong Kong airport. Today, I got to visit The Wing First Class lounge. It was an unforgettable experience!


The easiest way to get SkyTeam Elite Plus – all airlines compared

SkyTeam is one of the three major airline alliances in the world. Its most prestigious status is SkyTeam Elite Plus that grants you several perks such as priority security, check-in and boarding, lounge access and extra baggage allowance. SkyTeam has several member airlines, each of which has their own qualification requirements, which makes it difficult to know what the easiest route to SkyTeam Elite Plus might be. Not anymore, because yours truly has crunched the numbers and is ready to reveal you which airline gives you SkyTeam Elite Plus the easiest way possible.

Business Class, Oneworld, Qatar Airways

How sweet is the Qsuite? Reviewing Qatar Business Class

The first time I flew in Qatar Airways business class a couple of years back, I was extremely underwhelmed given the 5 star rating. Their business class product was pretty much identical with Finnair on a HEL-DOH flight. This time I ended up getting a free upgrade to Qatar’s most exclusive business class, namely the Qsuite. I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. Qsuite is way better than your regular business class, I can tell you that much! But it is not a suite per se either, so let’s get to reviewing.

Cathay Pacific, Oneworld, Premium Economy Class

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy is Truly a Delight!

Cathay Pacific is one of the few 5 star airlines in the world. And it really shows! Today I was flying from Tokyo to Hong Kong and I got a free upgrade because the flight was overbooked. I was thrilled I got to fly in Cathay Pacific Premium Economy. It was awesome! Cathay Pacific is easily one of my favorite oneworld airlines together with Japan Airlines. The only downside is the careless baggage handling in Hong Kong…


How bad is the new Aspire lounge at Helsinki Airport?

The Schengen area has gained a new lounge in Helsinki, namely Aspire lounge at gate 13. The old Aspire lounge is still running close to gate 27. So the new Aspire lounge is an addition to the poor service the old one provides. This lounge used to belong to SAS in the good old days, but now Aspire took over, and it is a terrible terrible thing. If you are flying Ari France, KLM, Lufthansa or Aegean (among others) your only option is this lounge or the equally bad Aspire close to gate 27.


Finnair screwed up Finnair Plus with spending based tiers

Today I got an email from Finnair that made me really upset. Finnair will make Finnair Plus tier earning based on euros instead of points determined by the fare class. This only affects Finnair marketed flights, and flights with other oneworld airlines will still earn you points based on the fare class and distance (in miles instead of kilometers). In this post, I will go through the main changes and also take a look at how Finnair has been downgrading their services during the past two years down the line. 🧐

Aegean Airlines, Business Class, Star Alliance

Aegean domestic business class in Greece is awesome!

I have previously reviewed Aegean business class on flights between countries, but what kind of service can we expect on a domestic flight? Usually business class in a one hour flight is as exciting as the economy class, but not with Aegean. Aegean puts the bar extremely high for domestic business class on flights within Greece. Once again, Aegean offered a business class bidding challenge, and I got my upgrade through for as low as 30€! 😁


How is the domestic Kunisaki lounge at Oita airport in Japan?

Oita (or Ōita) Airport is a very small and sympathetic one in Japan. The reason I happened to be in such a small place to begin with was that I wanted to visit some of the several onsens (hot spirings) in Beppu – a city famous for them. Firstly, neither Japan Airlines nor Ana have a lounge at Oita, but there is one for credit card holders that also offers a paid access for as low as ¥ 1100 per person. The lounge is called Lounge Kunisaki. Let’s see what Kunisaki is made of!