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Japan Airlines Domestic Lounge at Osaka Kansai Leaves You Hungry

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Japan Airlines is not known for good domestic lounges (and neither is ANA for that matter). In this post I will share with you the little there is to tell about the Japan Airlines Domestic Lounge at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. Don’t keep your hopes up, though. 😵‍💫

Japanese people seem to settle for very little and I kinda get the feeling that just having a status and a separate waiting area for exclusive people is more than enough for Japanese people. I, on the other hand, want to fill my plate with free food and pour some free drinks down my throat. I don’t give hoots about some social status, because the truth is that our search engine let’s you find cheap flights that take you to a oneworld status in no time. So a sapphire status is not just for the rich people to gain.


The domestic lounge is upstairs

The lounge is located on the 3rd floor close to the restaurants. Since the domestic terminal at Kansai Airport is so small, it is rather easy to spot. Just follow the signs towards the elevators, and you will be there in no time.

A map in case you need it. The security check is on the right end of the map.


The lounge has a dining area (not that there would be too much to eat) and not that comfortable chairs for relaxing. There are some faux paintings on the walls and lounge music on the radio.

The lounge is not particularly comfortable
These chairs are hard as rock

For those who need a bit of privacy, there are phone rooms. It’s also good that there’s a multifunction printer in the lounge for those who need it

Phone booths for making calls


There are some nuts and the coffee machine also dispenses corn soup for whatever reason. That’s it. I mean all of it… No snack bars, sandwiches, sweets or even fruits. Absolutely nothing. So if you are hungry, you had better eat before getting in!

Your choice of meal right next to the beer taps


There are sodas, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, beer and whiskey. That’s it in that section as well. Don’t expect to have juice, wine or spirits. This is quite disappointing given how difficult it is to reach a status of with Japan Airlines in comparison with other oneworld airlines.

So hard to choose what to drink!


The first time I went to a Japan Airlines Domestic Lounge, I heard another Finn shouting that this is the s*ittiest lounge he has ever been to. That kinda summarizes it all. Japan is a cool country, but the domestic lounges are terrible. 😑

Don’t forget to clean after yourself.
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