Is Icelandair Saga Lounge in Keflavik really worth it?

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Keflavik Airport is quite small but it is the point of entry for anyone wishing to travel to Reykjavik in Iceland. In this post, I shall review the one and only lounge at Keflavik, namely Icelandair Saga Lounge. Many airlines apart from Icelandair use this lounge, such as Finnair, Alaska, Lufthansa, Delta, United and British Airways. The full access details are clearly indicated by Icelandair. Let’s get to reviewing! 🧐


Warning! This lounge is located before the passport control. If you are flying outside of Schengen, do not rush immediately to the border control or you will be stuck in a relatively small section of the airport with no lounge whatsoever. The lounge is located upstairs, near gate A15.

Decoration and amenities

The lounge is ultra cozy and it speaks Icelandic atmosphere. There are plenty of natural elements like rocks inside of the lounge and it really feels special. This is one of the most unique lounges I have ever visited in terms of decoration. It is just stunning.

A rock formation in the middle of the lounge

In terms of amenities, there are showers and multifunction printers available. These are pretty standard for many lounges, but they should not be taken for granted.

Nice sofas for relaxing
Many chairs are equipped with chargers


I visited the lounge during breakfast time and I must say, there was a pretty decent selection of food in the buffet – from warm to cold food options. Pancakes, croissants, bread, cheese, ham, bacon, beans… Ingredients for an English breakfast and beyond!

Cold food options
Potatoes and beans
More warm food options


There is a decent selection of coffee, juices, water, tea and sodas. There is no shortage of alcoholic beverages either, which is quite impressive given that alcohol is crazy expensive in Iceland. Then again, what wouldn’t be? 😅

Selection of alcoholic beverages
Coffee machine


Icelandair Saga Lounge is such a charming little lounge. It is the only one in Keflavik, but it is a good one. Icelandair has really put a lot of effort into this lounge and it shows! I had a blast there and this lounge is more than worth of visiting. I can sincerely recommend this lounge to any traveller.

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