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Cathay Pacific Economy Class Is Great

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After being to their lounges and experiencing their premium economy, I was already in awe with the airline. Cathay Pacific is a five star airline according to Skytrax, and it really shows! I flew Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Singapore, so the flight was quite short, but the service on board was still amazing. The only downside is that most oneworld frequent flyer programs don’t accumulate any points for the cheapest Cathay Pacific economy class tickets.


I was a bit nervous in another Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Taipei. That time, I could not do an online check-in because I did not have a visa for Taiwan. Finns do not need a visa to enter Taiwan if we hold an onward ticket, however, my ticket was one way only and my onward flight was on a separate booking. Not knowing what I would face at the airport, I was prepared for a fight with the check-in agent. To my surprise – no fight – everything went smoothly, the Cathay Pacific way. With American Airlines, for example, this would have meant a war between me and the check-in agent.

Cathay Pacific always has separate lines for first class, business and economy.

Cathay Pacific economy class check-in opens 3 hours before the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight. If you are at the airport even earlier than that, in general, it’s not a problem given that Cathay Pacific operates so many daily flights to different destinations that the chances are the check-in desks are manned already earlier. Cathay Pacific also makes use of all sorts of in-town check-in facilities in places like Hong Kong and Taipei and early check-in at Jewel in Singapore.

Cathay Pacific Economy Class Seat

The seat is one of the better ones in economy class to be honest. It is spacious, plenty of leg room and the headrest can be tilted from the sides so that you can try to catch some sleep. The seat is also made out of fabric as opposed to leather which is always a plus.

The seats are great

Despite Asian people being short, there is a very generous amount of leg room on the plane. I am 193 cm tall, so I struggle with some airlines like Aegean, but Cathay Pacific is no problem for me.

Plenty of leg room in Cathay Pacific economy class

Food and drinks

Nothing makes economy class feel more luxurious than a snack before take off. This is something not even all airlines do in business class, but Cathay Pacific serves a little bite before the main meal service.

Some peanuts

When it’s time for the meal service – wow! You have two options: chicken or beef. And this in economy class! Crappier oneworld airlines like Finnair only serve one option in short-haul business class. So Cathay Pacific economy class is way better than some business class products. No wonder Cathay Pacific was rated to have the best economy class in the world! You can have sodas, water, juices or wine with your meal to boot!

Have you ever seen a meal this good in economy class?

In-flight entertainment

Cathay Pacific economy class has probably the best in-flight entertainment in the skies. There is an ample section of movies and TV shows – they even had some episodes of my all time favorite Supernatural. It’s great to see movies from different countries featured in the selection, not just the typical Hollywood ones. The in-flight entertainment system also has some music and games.

Every seat comes with an in-flight entertainment system

Wifi has been available on every Cathay Pacific economy class flight I have taken, but it is not free. You can only browse their tax-free catalog for free, that’s it. Otherwise it costs $3.95 for texting, $9.95 for an hour or $12.95 for the entire flight.


Cathay Pacific economy class is perfect. I could not wish for anything more. Every step of the way Cathay Pacific makes sure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible, and the staff is super friendly on board. It gets even better if you are flying as oneworld emerald; they greet you almost every time personally and they make sure your luggage is not only “among the first to arrive”, but that first class luggage is always first to arrive.

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